Sunday, November 1, 2009

Problem frame and solution frame !!

Every one is facing problems in his life, but how you can get out from these problems... And benefit from them.
The way that we put ourselves in the solution frame ..!

Identify a problem happened to you....
Remember it well, remember your feelings, voices, heard words than spoken to you the and feeling that you took, the people look around you and the color of their eyes ....
If I can remember the problem...
Ask yourself this question directly...

Why me?
What I do to get this problem?
How this problem limit my abilities?
What is the fault?
What is the most difficult period I suffered from this problem?

Now how are your feelings...!
I think it's very negative feelings ...

Take a deep breath....

Go again but change the questions...

What I want now?
When I want it?
What are resources do I have?
How do I use my resources to get what I want?
When I get what I want how my life will change?
Where do I start?

What are your feelings now?

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