Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Start life changing from here

Sit in a quiet place twice a day: morning and evening and declined to speak, feel what is happening around you.

Look at the sunset. Or hear trickling water, or smell the roses go into the nature around you and feel life flowing in everything, creating an endless creative.

Start your day by saying that you will not judge on anything happening around you today.
Give people around you a smile or a flower or a prayer. Your smile lead your brother to the delight and joy.
Accept the kindness, respection and love of others and in turn give them kindness, respection and love, even if it were made in silence, those things show through your actions.

"You should know that the best way to prepare for a bright future is to be fully aware of present".

Ask yourself before you take any decision, will you achieve the results of this decision and give satisfaction for you and all around of you?.

Accept events as they are and not as you like, carry the responsibility by yourself at your own risk.

Know that every hardship carries the convenience and the opportunity to change your life to the better.

Trust in life and know that you don't need to defend your point of view about things, you don't need to convince others to accept your outlook on life.

Open your heart for each point of view without being adhered to it, becuase all roads are true for its owners, there is no way is better than the other, but all ways are true depending on the time and place and the psychological state.

haven't you seen that you sometimes laugh at yourself because you behave a certain way and now you see clearly that this way is not right for you.

Your way is the best for you in this time, this place and your current mental, if one of those three factors changed you need to search for another way, if you do not do that you will live in decline and struggle with yourself, your way that was the best for you, it will be burden and an obstacle to arriving to your goal.

Live permanently with a sense that things are not fixed and you are safe in this sense there is nothing fixed, but everything is moving and changing in every moment.

Feel that every problem has a solution and every difficulty is transform to the ease, or to opportunities for change, this mystery of life.

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