Sunday, November 1, 2009

Think before you sleep, but ................. How?

Often, we wake up on the morning of frustration, despair and depression, suddenly, without any warning, and we do not know why, these feelings continue throughout the day, we can’t do our mission, or we do it without ambitious, but it seems that these negative feelings are related to the thinking before sleep.

thinking before sleeping is consider as the most negative means that effects on humans, which may have a significant impact on the condition in the following day, but not all kind of thinking, only negative and pessimistic thinking.

You should monitor your mind before you sleep, and care about your thinking, ideas and scenes.
You should remember the positive things, beautiful moments and any thing positive in your life and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of joy.

Now I offer two ways to think positively:

The first method depends on thinking of future goals you want to achieve, you have to write it, or to review it in your mind and your imagination, type your name at the bottom of the paper to find that the distance between you and your goals is very close, imagine that your goal has been achieved in all colors and sizes, and live for a few minutes as if achieved, then it would be great to go to sleep and the latest thinking is to succeed in achieving your goal.

The second method relies on remembering scenes, the beautiful memories and attitudes that faced you in your life. Relax in a quiet and comfortable place, and then remember the nicest memories from the past.

You will wake up with wonderful feelings!!

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