Monday, November 9, 2009

Acquire a distinct personality

Decided to change:
• To begin the change you must first take the decision, and then start to change the way you think, and how your reaction to others.

• If you want to succeed in your life you must be controll your behavior, and control the emotions, and restrain yourself and do not get angry, if you was able to do so, you can take control of your life, and achieve the desired success, don't forget "You make your life by your hands".

How to change:

Adjust your temper and emotions and control on your reaction and do not leave others playing with your day as they please, and do not be from the party who is pessimistic , if they met by a person who do a bad behavior, convert their day to hell .

1. Place your disadvantages that you suffered, and write how much losses you get it from it, and imagine how much suffering and pain felt by a number of times?!

2. Put the benefits that accrue when you stop this habit, imagine yourself, you have changed and reap the benefits, you see yourself in your own new live in the excitement of the great victory, Remember that you do not need anything except the decision.

3. Start now to learn skills that prepare you to overcome your problem

4. Find new ways and begin immediate in implementation.
5. If you want to have a chance, you should take the opportunity from the first problem, because the great people get opportunity and challenge in every problem, and failures people find the problem and a crisis at every opportunity.

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Yacob said...

Thank you, for your article. It is so interesting that I want to share it with my French-speaking friends.
I will put your link as it has been suited.
Good weekend!

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