Monday, November 9, 2009

Wisdom in the art of happiness and pleasure

- If you delighting yourself you will delighting people around you.

- Life is a short sunrise and sunset, why you don't make the sunrise for a smile and work, and sunset for a rest and calm.

- Two things in your life only two: either to always be optimistic, or pessimistic, you have the choice.

- Crying does not restore the dead to life, but good praise and prayer bring him back .

- The optimist one is the only person who lives happy in any place.

- Live within the limits of your day, neither past with its pain and joy will bring you a smile or a tear, nor the future .

- Everything in life is shattered and eliminated only the light seeks to recognize the beauty of life.

- My friend I am not responsible for the happiness of others, you only the one who will make yourself happy.

- Do not miss the great opportunity, you can be stuck to it.

- Change does not start from the inside only .. Rather it starts from the conviction and strength of will.

- Lamp does not have a meaning only if afflicted by the hardships of darkness .

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