Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to live happy ?

In fact, there is no time to be happy better than now.

If not now, then when?

Your life always full of challenges, Therefore, it is best to decide living happily Despite all the challenges.

It was always seems that the real life is about to begin, But every time there was a plight should Exceeded, Obstacle in the way must be passed, Work to be done, Debt must be paid, time must be spent to begin life.

But finally I began to understand that these things were the Life.
This view helped me later to understand that there no path to happiness, Happiness is the way, you should enjoy every moment.

Do not wait to lose your weight a little, or to increase your weight a little, to start new job, to marry, to reach the end of work hours, or weekend, To get a new car, New furniture, spring come or summer or autumn or winter, end of the month , or vacation period, To die, or be born again ...... To be happy.

Happiness is a journey not a destination, No better time to be happy more than now, Live and enjoy the present moment.

The most important matter in this life is to help others to succeed and win, Even if this means that slowed and look back and change the direction of our race, If we sent these words to others may help us to change our hearts and the hearts of others.

Enjoy with anything with you or around you, no matter how it trivial or a little

Enjoy it.

Do not wait for the right time ....

There is not an appropriate time. .

Do what you believe.

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Wally said...

Happiness is a journey not a destination: it's right! thank you and be blessed!

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