Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Costly solutions and simple solutions

There is a big difference between the focusing on the problem and concentrate on solving the problem, There is also a costly solution and another simple solution to solve the problem.

Example 1:
While the NASA space flights starting in the processing of outer space they faced a big problem, this problem is the astronauts will not be able to write with pens because the lack of gravity, this means the ink will not fall from the pen on paper in any way, what they will do to resolve this problem?

To resolve the problem:
they do studies continued for about 10 years, and cost more than $12 million to develop a pen, it could write in the absence of gravity, write on smooth surface Even crystal, and also write in temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius.

When Russians faced the same problem, they simply decided to use pencils as a substitute for pens.

Example 2:
One of Japan soap large manufacturers faced a big problem, the problem was the blank boxes that have not packed with soap because an error in the packaging, what they do to detect the blank boxes?

To resolve the problem:
The Japanese make a device work with X-ray to detect the soap inside
boxes and they appointment new workers to remove blank boxes that dectected by the device.

In another smaller plant when they faced the same problem, they have brought an electronic fan and control the power to suit the weight of the blank boxes and put it to front of product line in Delivery section, so the blank will fall on its own by the rush of air.

Logical consequence
"Look to the problem solving without looking to the problem itself".

Think about the simplest solution.

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