Saturday, October 31, 2009

What do you think a cup of tea to ensure your success? And method of preparation for free!

Imagine that you have a cup of tea with sugar added to it, but sugar does not moved, you will find the taste of the sweetness of sugar ? Definitely not

Has given careful consideration in the cup for a minute and taste of tea
Have you changed something? I think not

Notes that tea began cool and cool and you are not taste it yet?

So last attempt Put your hands on your head Lauder about a cup of tea and pray god to become the tea Lauder .

So all of this madness may be absurd
Will not become sweet tea, but it will be cold drink .

The life is like a cup of tea, capabilities that God has endowed you within yourself is the sugar that was not moved by yourself, you'll taste sweetness if you move it and work hard to make your life better.

You will taste the sweetness of your work, your business and your creativity

Do your best to modify your mood.

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