Saturday, October 31, 2009

The magic leader !!

What are the unique qualities owned by the leader and distinguish him from others and make him popular for his followers, whether was political or military leader, religious or in the field of work where we are.

For example, how is the executive director develop his impact and his methods to all work in his organization is done? And how all the staff target a single goal? Is there a mystery in the style of his speaking to others or is he a shrewd clever in his actions or is he an exciting character? Perhaps these qualities together is to create a leader who I am talking .

Leader existence is very important to push followers towards the goal which he wants and looks forward to its completion. That a true understanding of the qualities required for this magic leader make him and no doubt executive character able to lead his followers.

Here, we have to say that these qualities are not born with him, but he create it himself, the most important of these attributes:

First: The method of his behavior that include signals sent by the leader to the others without speaking to them. If he look directly at their eyes or to any other place or if you stop or remained seated or if he smiled or not smiling or shook hands with his followers warmly or not, all these things help in the formation of a look his followers to him and affect their leadership.

Second: the ability to convince others, it is necessary here to say that all ideas be of no value if it is not to convince people of it was placed it to work. Leaders can simplify complex ideas and delivered it to their followers so easily to become comprehensible to the simplest members of the organization.

Third: the ability to speak effectively, the leader may have various ideas and many, but he can arrange these ideas and present it to who listen to him easily.

Fourth: the ability to listen, despite the importance of talking but good listening sends a clear message with respect to the speaker.

Fifth: the way of use the space and time, despite the neglect of this important element in most of the time but that the use of space and time as well as to guide people is a great importance to delivery the ideas and the strengthening of relations between the leader and subordinates.

Sixth: the ability to accommodate others, the ability to understand others and his identities and aspirations enabling the leader to deal easily with them and guiding them towards the goals they wish to access.
The managers who can develop their ability as the points mentioned above can, without a doubt be successful in most aspects of their lives.

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