Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Put your finger in your ears

At one time there was a group of tiny frogs ..
Who were participating in the competition ..
The goal was to get to the top of a high tower ..

Group of fans gathered to see the race and encourage the competitors.

The race started ..
really, none of the spectators believed that the tiny frogs can make up ground and reach the top of the tower. The launch of the public statements such as: (Oh, it is very difficult .. they can not never reach the top) Or (Do not have a chance .. the tower is very high)

some tiny frogs began to fall, except those who were climbing rapidly to higher and higher, but the public continued to scream: (Very hard!!! ... No one can up to the top of the tower)
A larger number of tiny frogs began to tire and give up then down .. But one of them continued to climb higher and higher ..

In the end, all the frogs gave up .. Except one frog who reached the summit ..
Of course, all participants want to know how he achieve what nobody else has!!!
One of them asked the winner: What is the secret that make you win? The truth is ..

The winner was deaf to hear

a Lesson learned: Do not listen to negative people and desperate.
They Will keep you away from your dreams and wishes that favorite carry in your heart Always be careful of the power of words.

All what you hear and read will intervene in your actions.
Therefore: Always be positive. Put your finger in your ears not to hear to the person who tells you that you can not accomplish your dreams.

You can always be successful.

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