Friday, October 30, 2009

why you do not achieve your goals? (Part 1)

Why not achieved our goals?, And why most people do not achieve their goals in general? The answer here may lie in the following points:
  1. Because they do not know how to put the goals of their lives.
    Here is the problem that a lot of people do not bother to know how to set goals or write, let alone how to achieve them!

  2. Because they believe that others control their lives.
    Many people thought that it did not have any effect on his life! And things that get in his life were a reality by the influence of others, and the worse the view that all or most of what is He got beaten by luck; and not an inevitable outcome would have thought of it and work accordingly.

  3. Because they put goals that is not clear (money, happiness, comfort ...).
    This will Weakens our ability to achieve our objectives; gel goals is like the rays of the sun despite the energy and high temperature; but the heat dispersed, so it will not burn the paper if we put in front of the sun, the maximum the sun is doing to transform the color to yellow.
    But what happens if we maximized between the paper and the sun? Of course, you agree with me that the magnifier will burn or ignite the paper!
    What do you think about the power of focus; this in itself is what will happen if you wrote your goals specific, the focus will lead you to achive your goals very quickly.

i'll continue in the next post

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