Saturday, October 31, 2009

why you do not achieve your goals? (Part 2)

4. They do not write their goals based on values and principles.
If I asked a lot of people about their goals, they may say I want money, or a car, And many people start trying to achieve their goals and then after a period of stand unable to complete their goals, did not you know? Because they did not put their goals based on values and principles!
For an example, if we asked people what your goal? Might say: buy a car; If we asked him why you want to buy it?
The answer: In order to lead me to the place I want, if we say to him: taxis can take you, why not take them around? The answer: I want the convenience and freedom to travel, here he want to buy the car for has two the values, the convenience and freedom.
if we know what our values and we set our goals upon which it will be like a torch to light the way for us, plus it will set the energy and alertness desires to reach our goals.

5. Because they put unrealistic goals (big and very short time, or many and short time).
This is unfortunately what many people do, they may put the long-term objectives, and want to achieve them in a short time, and they want many things and want to achieving in a short time, and this is what we can not achieve.

6. they put targets to satisfy the others parents and friends.
Here is a great disaster, many of them living the life of others and not their lives!!! Did you know that? Because they want to achieve other goals or demands of them, and may not comply with these demands with their own values and principles, then in person will live the life does not have any fun! If we assume that he has achieved achievement will make him feel happy.

7. Because they often focus on the obstacles and difficulties, rather than focusing on their goals.
Such a view is pessimistic; who sees darkness instead of light! In the view of problems rather than opportunities! In the view points of weakness rather than strengths! And so forth ... it is this habit will not be to have the strength and energy to achieve its objectives.

8. Procrastination
Some people are exercising of procrastination, even those become habit! And if he wants to lead them step of achieving the goal, it may not be the inadequacy of time, or feeling tired, or lack of completeness of the information he has and so forth ...
I shall give an example which shows us, imagine with me that the goal is small plant I want to make it grow to bear fruit and then pick the fruit, I suppose whenever I want to Irrigate it I claim that i'm busy, and the weather is hot now, and i'll Irrigate it as soon as the sun light at the night, and then start my complaints to appear on the scene the night, was forced to postpone irrigation for tomorrow, and so on Thus, I defer irrigation from time to time, what will happen? Of course, you agree with me that the plant will die, and this is what will happen to the objectives, it will die within ourselves, and we will not have the capacity to achieve them.

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